Laser Modeling Israel offers the full cycle of production, from the idea through the manufacturing phase, to the post-processing stage. Our Post Processing division allows our customers to enhance the visual properties of any part to bring it to an outstanding level of presentation. Throughout the years, our company developed coloring and dye dipping techniques that perfectly fit the polymeric manufacturing domain.

We offer standard spray coloring and coloring under heat, both conducted while using the Pantone or RAL colors index systems. Furthermore, we offer Dye Dipping, which is more suitable for porous materials such as PA-12 and PA-11, used in the MJF and SAF 3D printing technologies.

Dye dipping allows us to not only color the surface of the object, but to actually dye the hollow gaps between the polymeric molecules. We can also combine the mentioned techniques to achieve a truly remarkable finishing touch and provide our customers the supreme result they aspire for.