Laser modeling Israel has 25 years of experience, applying countless technologies to help entrepreneurs, start-up companies, and corporates achieve the finest result in their research and development phases. One of LMI fields of expertise is the art domain. Throughout the years, LMI supported groundbreaking art projects and assisted in harnessing the frontline of the manufacturing technologies to create beautiful and never seen before art.

The Perfect Fit for the Aerospace Domain

When it comes to the Aerospace domain, the design’s efficiency is the name of the game. Aeronautics engineers are always looking to create a flying machine that flies with less weight, reduces the design’s complexity, and simplifies the production that follows. In Laser Modeling Israel we offer the full technological arsenal to fulfill those goals and aspirations with the highest precision and accuracy. With the use of our 3D printers, specifically FDM, SAF, or MJF , one can actualize complex geometries that are impossible or very expensive to create when using other manufacturing processes. Using our frontline abilities, manufacturers can refrain from high machining costs for custom tools or parts needed for repairs and restorations. Another great aspect is that in oppose to classic manufacturing techniques, greater complexity will not influence the production costs.

Our technological services open up a world of material choices and options. Use 3D printing solutions to easily build flying-grade parts from durable thermoplastics. In need of a very precise metallic part? Our CNC department will assist in your engineering challenge. When approaching an aerospace project, we are strict on the use of certified materials only. This way, we allow our customers to be assured that their designs are flightworthy and can sustain the physical challenges of flying-grade applications.

Case Studies from the Aerospace Domain

The projects we are working on in the Aerospace domain are highly classified, and therefore we could hardly share their stories. However, we are proud to share that we have been working closely with the prime Aerospace organizations and companies in Israel, among them, are the Israel Aerospace Industries, Rafael, Elbit, and many more.

Among our most interesting projects that their stories could be shared, we had the privilege to collaborate with two amazing companies, making a paramount breakthrough in the Aerospace world. The first company is Gadfin, a global leader in the drones economics world. Gadfin develops fast, hydrogen-powered drones with a quiet signature for long-range urgent deliveries and preventative maintenance missions. Their patented technologies redefine delivery capabilities in terms of flight radius, safety, reliability and automation.

Laser Modeling had collaborated with Gadfin’s R&D department to efficinate their prototyping phase, creating Gadfin’s drones’ bodies and wings’ system. Gadfin’s drones have been designed with the highest safety standards in mind and an emphasis on reliability, and their novel folding wing technology can withstand wind and dire weather and reduce rotor drag to enable a smooth flight. Through their innovative system, Gadfin is aiming to create a major disruption in the aero-delivery domain.

The second company is ParaZero, another global leader in the Drones industry. ParaZero aims to Provide the Drone Industry with the technology to realize its full potential. In this domain, drones are proving their value as important tools for creating more resilient supply chains and socially-distanced delivery services. ParaZero autonomous safety solutions, when used in coordination with civil aviation authority (CAA) regulatory requirements and protocols, are enabling global companies to conduct CAA-approved drone delivery operations at scale, across an ever-increasing number of use cases and examples. With ParaZero’s autonomous parachute safety solutions being utilized to address CAA ground risk mitigation concerns, an increasing number of drone delivery initiatives have begun to gain additional traction.

Laser Modeling had collaborated with ParaZero R&D department to help create one of the company’s core products- the parachute safety system, that puts the company in the frontline of the drones’ domain. Using this system, the company allows the major players in this domain to provide safer services and products and to be aligned with the world’s aero-services and drones legislation and regulations.