Laser modeling Israel has 25 years of experience, applying countless technologies to help entrepreneurs, start-up companies, and corporates achieve the finest result in their research and development phases. One of LMI fields of expertise is the art domain. Throughout the years, LMI supported groundbreaking art projects and assisted in harnessing the frontline of the manufacturing technologies to create beautiful and never seen before art.

The Perfect Fit for the Art Domain

Laser Modeling has always been keen on finding the newest and most advanced uses of the 3D printing technology. From military uses to medical applications- our company guarantees the frontline of the existing services of the manufacturing world. We always say that there is no limit to where 3D printing can take us, and while working for almost three decades on creating functional prototypes, we have recently identified a new and emerging market- the 3D printed art.

Nestled in the heart of our operation are the state-of-the-art Polyjet printers we use for our products, which allow us to create artwork with unparalleled quality and details, while reaching immense accuracy and resolution. Using this technology, we are able to design and produce even the most complex 3D creations with a vast array of colors, textures and transparency levels. The combination of technology and massively talented designers blends wonderfully to bring our unique and creative pieces to life.

Case Studies from the Art Domain

Among our more interesting projects, we had the privilege to collaborate with an amazing company, making a paramount breakthrough in the Art world- YouDaica. YouDaica is a unique start-up that creates a groundbreaking connection between religion and cutting-edge technology. The company was formed by a small, passionate team that imagined a grand idea of creating beautifully designed, exceptional pieces of Jewish religious art. Art expertly crafted and personalized by talented and professional designers, using the unique capabilities of the frontline of Israeli 3D printing technology. YouDaica’s vision was that through this endeavor they have created a bridge that connects the start-up nation of Israel with the thousands-year-old Jewish ancient tradition. YouDaica is the world’s first company to set out on this amazing journey of bringing the customers’ deepest Jewish values and beliefs to life.

Laser modeling Israel collaborated with YouDaica to create their unique and groundbreaking set of products. Together we have harnessed the prime frontline of Polyjet 3D printing technology to create the world’s first 3D printed art. Our collaboration was able to emphasize the most powerful traits of 3D printing, especially the main and unique advantage- to fully personalize each and every design for their customers, to a level that was unattainable and unimaginable- until now.