Laser modeling Israel has 25 years of experience, applying countless technologies to help entrepreneurs, start-up companies, and corporates achieve the finest result in their research and development phases. One of LMI fields of expertise is the art domain. Throughout the years, LMI supported groundbreaking art projects and assisted in harnessing the frontline of the manufacturing technologies to create beautiful and never seen before art.

The Perfect Fit for the Medical Domain

Manufacturers of medical products and equipment must use progressive manufacturing services to produce quality prototypes quickly to deliver groundbreaking inventions to doctors, patients, and research institutions. When approaching a medical challenge, you should consider our MJF 3D Printing technology, which allows us to create amazingly precise models, or even the SAF 3D Printing technology, which provides similar industrial traits with the advantage of PA-11 that has a larger set of applications and uses in the medical realm.

Looking for a colorful or transparent model? All is possible with our Polyjet 3D printing technology. Firm or flexible, opaque or transparent, using our wide range of materials and technologies, we provide you unparalleled flexibility and customization options.

Another important medical domain that enjoys the powerful industrial traits of 3D printing is the jigs, fixtures and implants’ models manufacturing domain. Using 3D printing, our medical manufacturers clients can create highly complicated tools, needed for medical procedures and research.

Create life-like anatomically precise models or simulate clinical trials and procedures by combining 3D printed biocompatible parts and silicone molding. Regardless of your application, Laser Modeling Israel has the ability and experience to take your medical innovations to market.

Case Studies from the Medical Domain

Among our more interesting projects, we had the privilege to collaborate with three amazing companies, making a paramount breakthrough in the medical world. The first company is Aspect Imaging, a global leader in innovative, high-performance compact MR imaging solutions. Aspect Imaging was driven to push the boundaries of permanent magnet design to deliver more affordable, easy-to-use MR Imaging solutions that generate quality scans for confident reading and assessment.

Laser Modeling collaborated with Ram Development and Aspect Imaging to create the Embrace®, a disruptive and groundbreaking MRI system, designed specifically for babies and infants’ neuroimaging inside the neonatal intensive care. Thanks to this system, Infants may be scanned anytime, within minutes of the order to provide critical information for quicker diagnosis and treatment, while reducing the risks often associated with off-unit transport of these critically ill, precious patients.

The second company is Simbionix Simulators (Powered by SurgicalScience), a groundbreaking company that specializes in creating surgical simulators for doctors in all areas of expertise. Simbionix is the world’s leading provider of innovative training and education solutions for medical professionals and healthcare industry partners. Simbionix uses innovative R&D, cutting-edge technology, and strong clinical relationships to promote the adoption of best medical practices, in order to advance clinical performance and optimize procedural outcomes.  Featuring the clinically validated Simbionix simulator product line, Simbionix’s simulators have been installed worldwide for more than 20 years.

Laser Modeling collaborated with Ram Development and Simbionix to create the Perc Mentor Suite, a simulator that provides hands-on training for an unlimited number of ultrasound and fluoroscopy-guided interventions supporting multiple-specialties. The platform was designed not only for a realistic learning experience but also to offer portability and flexibility with interchangeable components. This system created a new generation of medical practice, with a new training opportunity with unmatched realism, that produces an unparalleled educational and applicative value for surgeons all around the world.

The third company is Pulsenmore (TASE:PULS) , an innovative company that became a world leader in portable ultrasound devices for home use. The company was founded to deliver convenience and efficiency in ultrasound beyond traditional in-facility imaging.

Laser Modeling collaborated with Pulsenmore to create their first home use ultrasound device. This device, groundbreaking as it is, remains a very easy to use apparatus. The handheld ultrasound cradle docks with the patient’s smartphone, and each scan is guided by a user-friendly app, and images are securely uploaded to the cloud for review. Integrating with the cloud-based software, the clinician can then review a stored video or guide a scan in real-time, and provide answers while the patient stays within the comfort of his home.