LMI is dedicated to the highest Quality Assurance provided by the delivery of superb parts and models, while guaranteeing absolute data security. We are highly experienced with working under the strictest customers’ requirements of the most complicated and classified projects in Israel.

Our professional and uncompromising working practice had awarded us with an ISO 9001:2015 quality certificate, given by the IQC. Our working standards are examined and inspected by IQC on a yearly basis, guaranteeing that we are kept in the frontline of the Quality Assurance practices.

Laser Modeling Israel refuses to compromise its quality for speed. Every individual part is put through rigorous quality inspections during the entire process, from concept to creation, so we could guarantee that our customers receive the highest-quality parts with their order specifications.

Working with Laser Modeling Israel, means that you and your company will get the full assurance that your quality and privacy are kept to the highest standards.