Stereolithography (often referred to as SLA or SL) builds components quickly using a UV laser to cure and solidify thin layers of a photo-reactive resin. SL is one of the most accurate 3D printing technologies available and is an ideal choice for concept models, form and fit studies, and investment casting patterns. We offer a collection of professional finishing options to achieve high-quality surface finishes. In addition, we can join multiple sections of a part design quickly and seamlessly to create larger parts.


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Stereolithography is unlike the desktop printer you use to print documents; SLA machines don’t use ink or any other liquid. Instead, an SLA machine starts with an excess of liquid plastic to form a solid object. SLAs have four main parts: a tank that is filled with liquid plastic (photopolymer), a perforated platform that is lowered into the tank, an ultraviolet (UV) laser and a computer that controls the platform and the laser.