From high-tech start-ups to Fortune 500 companies through to militaries, medical devices and researchers, a vast range of industry actors have embraced our advanced manufacturing techniques to meet their high performance standards while producing innovative products. At Laser Modeling Israel we are equipped with a huge fleet of technologies, capabilities and expertise to take on your most innovative and ambitious pursuits.


Manufacturers of medical products and equipment must use progressive manufacturing services to produce quality prototypes quickly to deliver breakthrough innovations to doctors, patients and research institutions. Our range of materials, from firm or flexible to opaque and transparent, we provide you with unparalleled efficiency and customization options. Create life-like anatomically correct models or shift to clinical trials by using 3D printed biocompatible parts. Regardless of your application, Laser Modeling Israel has the ability and experience to take your medical innovations to market.

Consumer Products

Our experts understand the obstacles in manufacturing consumer goods and have the knowledge, experience and solutions to bring your ideas to life. Time to market is central to the success of a new idea; address this by simulating the exact look and feel of the final product during the design phase, allowing you to communicate your idea to stakeholders and investors while reaping the benefits of consumer feedback.


In the high tech industry where product design can rapidly evolve, the ability to have a new prototype in a short amount of time provides a clear competitive advantage. Create complex components to validate mechanical concepts and get the perfect piece quickly. Accessories that accompany high tech products can be integrated directly into the design to ensure compatibility and the product’s viability.


The military has some of the toughest industry performance standards out there and the need to produce complex yet lightweight parts and products is paramount. Militaries have taken advantage of 3D printing to save costs, speed-up production and enable innovative design. Laser Modeling Israel is uniquely positioned to meet the challenges with our experienced team and high-performance materials.


budget. With Laser Modeling Israel you can create a business with the ability to produce concept models, assembly tools, or even manufacture small quantities of production parts. Whatever your requirements, Laser Modeling Israel has the solutions to suit your needs and budget.